08 February 2016

Donald Trump is OWNED by Every Bank on Wall Street

Leon H. Wolf (Red State)

Goldman Sachs once gave Ted Cruz’s campaign a $1.43 million loan.
His campaign also got a loan of less than $500,000 from Citibank. 

According to Donald Trump, in a claim that has been repeated roughly a billion times, that means THEY OWN HIM. Even though, as far as I can tell, all or part of these loans have been repaid.

As I reported yesterday, at various times Donald Trump has had hundreds of millions of dollars in loans from Citibank and Goldman, some of which have been repaid, some of which were discharged in bankruptcy when Trump’s Altantic City casino went belly up. By Trump’s own standard, Citibank and Goldman own him, too.

But of course, it’s much worse than that for Trump. As a twitter user pointed out, according to Trump’s most recent financial disclosures, he has hundreds of millions of dollars in loans from virtually every bank on Wall Street

Here is a copy of the form...

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