04 February 2016

German University President:
MANDATORY Arabic for ALL German Schoolchildren

I though Merkel said they were going back... 
or was that just more of her relentless B.S.

Der Speigel:
'Not only refugee children who come to Germany from the Middle should learn a new language at school, but also German children.' 
This is the demand made by the president of the private K├╝hne Logistics University in Hamburg, Thomas Strothotte.
 'We should arrange it here so that German children learn Arabic' writes the IT professor in a guest editorial for the German weekly newsmagazine
Die Zeit
The professor says that German and Arabic should BOTH be mandatory for all students up until they graduate. He claims this 'would grant access to the Arab world. We would this recognise that we were a country of immigration and a multi-lingual society.'

A purported benefit would be the German kids' preparation for 'the deep-seated transformation process in the Middle East.'--
what's that, when Israel's gone?

He added that through learning the Arabic language 'we recommend ourselves and our children as business, cultural and political partners
(with the Arabs), who could accompany this transformation process'...

You probably only hear this kind of tripe from pro-Merkel/EU German elites these days... everybody else is pretty much terrified and hiding in their house.

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