27 February 2016

Twelve Reasons I'm Voting for TRUMP...

1. Trump is humble, and he’s not too proud to admit it.

2. Trump is faithful. He has never cheated on himself.

3. Trump can’t be bought. Money and power clearly have no allure for him.

4. Trump is very talented at everything. Hugely talented and
bigly educated.

5. Trump likes God. They have a lot in common. They are both huge
and great. Also, neither of them have ever done anything that requires forgiveness.

6. Trump is open and honest. He doesn’t hide the fact that he has
cheated on his wives.

7. Trump is a good businessman. For example, including strip clubs in his casinos illustrates how a business owner can upsell by offering
complimentary goods

8. Trump is inclusive and compassionate. He gave jobs to many
illegal aliens.

9. Trump has many helpful international connections. One of the high profile connections is Dennis Rodman, who was both a contestant on the Apprentice, and also close friends with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

10. Trump does not discriminate. He will give money to any party or candidate that might prove advantageous to his bottom line.

11. Trump is principled. His main principle is that everything is negotiable.

12. Trump is not part of the 'establishment' or the 'elite.' He is just like all of us regular people who inherited millions from our fathers.

And Trump appreciates his supporters. He acknowledged our
faithfulness when he said he could commit murder on the streets and we would still support him. 

I, for one, will not disappoint him, and I hope this list
has persuaded you to vote for him. 

Allison Truinstra

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