27 February 2016

Was Christie's YUGE Surprise Attack on Rubio
at NH Debate Part of His Trump-Endorsement Deal?

In hindsight, that would make sense... 

How else to explain Christy's complete '180' from 'Trump lacks temperament to be POTUS' just last August to 'the man who can solve our problems' today.

And I like the way Trump -at the Christie endorsement press conference-
goes into how he 'doesn't usually care' about endorsements, they're mostly a
'waste of time', but 'this one is special'. Pretty rich coming from a guy some intelligent people suspect of buying such endorsements.

Except for David Duke of course- he says he doesn't like that one.

As for Chrispy Creme, if you'll rewind to last month, The Gov's whole spiel was 'Marco's a Senator, all they do is talk', so he obviously lacks the necessary experience to be Commander-in-Chief ... me, I'm a governor
who's been tested by the challenges and culpability of buck-stops-here political leadership.

You know, like Trump. 

Considering that he's never even ran for political office before, the only thing we have to go on with Trump is 'talk'. And much of what he's said over the course of his (very) public life has sounded really quite liberal.

My guess is Christie's angling for V.P. or some cush cabinet/advisory position where he can continue to enjoy the fruits of Big Government while doing little for conservatism or the nation, shoot his mouth off, and throw his still-considerable weight around.

Still not too late to cancel the clownshow, folks.