11 March 2016

HOW Could One Convince Themselves TRUMP
'Won the Debate' and 'Appeared Presidential'...
Looked to Me Like a Kid Who Skipped His Homework

Are his supporters -or paid trolls that jam every online poll- so oblivious to politics and world events that Trump somehow seems well-informed 
(and qualified to be Commander-in-Chief) to them?

In the CNN debate last night, Trump was obviously happy to not be under attack as he was last time -perhaps Rubio softening up in anticipation of a VP slot- but his unsettling ignorance of how this country -and the rest of the world- works was on display for all to see.

Trump's statements are deliberately crafted to avoid actually saying anything, while somehow being as appealing-as-possible to the throbbing Trump cult. 
So he probably never considered thinking, principled, intellectually-honest conservatives to be in his target market in the first place- he knew we'd 
figure him out quick. 

Thus, Trump's loyal base -by necessity- consists primarily of those who know less about foreign policy and other matters than he does... who else would be impressed by such twaddle.

When queried or contradicted, serially disingenuous Trump repeats the same sentence backwards, but with new adjectives sprinkled-in. He will keep doing this while talking in circles and jumping topics so fast it makes your 
head spin. 

To The Donald, debates and interviews are just a wars-of-attrition -which he plans to win every time- and he's not going to tell you squat, rather he'll just wear you down with relentless TrumpTalk until you pack up the camera/mike and go away (his talking-points drilled deep into your skull).

Alas, the only true genius I've seen from Trump is in scheming and conning dimbulbs out of their money, freedom, and self-dignity... at which he utterly excels. As he should, after decades of practice.

But Trump doesn't feel the need to know anything- nobody's really asking him any questions- not the snake-fascinated Trumpsters, not Brietbart, not Drudge, not Hannity, nor Bolling... nor Cavuto. 

For some reason these people don't want Trump to defend or deny any of the previous outrageous/wrong/liberal statements he's made over the past few decades, either. So what the hell are we supposed to go on?

Since you're being forced to guess, then consider Trump's towering stupidity in comments regarding Putin and the neo-expansionist Russians: he's snuggling-up to one of the most vile regimes on Earth before even started the primaries -glad to see them rape Ukraine and set up a new air base on Israel's northern border, apparently- with naivety that makes Jimmy Carter look like Winston Churchill. 

That, and/or his corrupt ass wants to build a giant hotel/casino in Moscow.

To me, Trump seems like the greaseball badboy a nice girl brings home just to annoy her controlling parents -to terrorize them really- in a rebellious challenge their authority and judgement. Infatuated with him because he angers those who couldn't be effected otherwise.

This is what a lot of you out there seek to do to the GOP/RNC today- and I do share your feelings- but Donald Trump ain't the marryin' type, girl.

Because of the blank check provided him to this point by misguided supporters (+MSM and new media sycophants, paid endorsements) Trump doesn't feel the need to propose specific policy, it's always simply about the 'great deal' he's going to make for us if we just have the good sense to hand him the keys... but when has he actually provided reason for us to do that? 

If he's betting purely on his stock as a person, Trump seems to have a spotty personal AND professional record, along with numerous obvious character -and psychological- flaws. He's so great, yoodge, and perfect that he's above answering any questions? Some job interview!

I'm a Cruz guy, but just watch Rubio run circles around 'just-make-a-deal' Trump on foreign policy last night... it's clear the NYer possesses but the most rudimentary knowledge of the subject- pretty pathetic:

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