10 March 2016

More Laughable Trump-Pumping Garbage:

-as seen on twitter-
Good grief

Honk if you're horny 
(for an ornery 70 y.o. with too much makeup + a bad combover)

Ain't never, EVER gonna happen

Supporting Trump makes me feel like a winner -and part of something-
while everybody outside the cult are just losers.

Trump Cult benefits: If Trump can make fun of people's faces
-or withered limbs- we can too!

Free buffet for life at all Trump hotels + resorts will do that

On what planet?

He's so huge and great

These here are good Americans-
rest of you are going to be in a lot of trouble

Just keep repeating it I guess

Nonsensical 'argument' may appeal to low-info types


Fact-free reality within a mindless dreamworld

Not sure what Trumpbots have to complain about-
half Fox staff are in bed with Trump already

lame graphics, vapid message

What passes for intellectualism these days-

More garbage -here-

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