04 May 2016

Ben Howe: The Mantra of #NeverTrump
Shall Be This...

After tonight’s stunning (or not so stunning) loss and Ted Cruz dropping out of the race, the question that I and others are being asked is will we unify behind the presumptive GOP nominee now that he is essentially inevitable? 
The answer is, of course not. 
#NeverTrump was not a fad.
It was not an attempt to change a narrative. It was not a wish or a desire.
#NeverTrump is a fact. 
Those who subscribe to the idea are saying that Trump is a dangerous, unpredictable man whose aspirations don’t align with conservatism. Whose morals are questionable at best. Whose relationship with the truth is not just tenuous, it’s borderline hostile.
#NeverTrump is not an endorsement of Hillary, it’s an acceptance that Hillary’s ascension is inevitable when the alternative is a wannabe despot... 

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