03 May 2016

Nancy Reagan’s Last Words:
‘DO NOT Vote for Donald Trump’

The National Report:
Former first lady Nancy Reagan, who died on March 6 at the age of 94, remained mentally alert “until the very end,” according to a private nurse, who told reporters Mrs. Reagan’s last words to her were, “Do not vote for Donald Trump.”

“She watched all the [GOP] debates,” said the nurse, identified as Althea Thoone. “She was very alert and kept up with all the news and current events, especially about the election. She said no true Republican would cast a vote for Donald Trump.”

“She was not happy at all because I don’t believe she thought Donald Trump was a real Republican. She took a turn for the worse after the [11th] debate when he started talking about his private parts, and all that other nonsense about Mitt Romney getting down on his knees'...

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