07 June 2016

Did Team Trump Threaten David French’s Wife?

Politics is a rough and tumble game. It's not for everybody. Especially running for President. Chances are (unless you're Barack Obama) you're going to have your life scrutinized like it has never been before, particularly by the media.

When Bill Kristol announced the third party candidate he had tapped to take on Donald Trump was Army Reserve Major, attorney and National Review writer, David French, most people responded with a collective, "Who?" Naturally, fans of National Review and those within conservative circles recognized the name.

The media and also fans of Donald Trump treated the announcement with mockery but as we're finding out, there was somebody behind the scenes who was taking this pretty seriously: Donald Trump.

We know Trump's instinct when challenged is to attack no matter how small or large the challenge may be. During the primaries he'd consistently attack challengers who weren't polling anywhere near the top. It didn't matter. Trump saw them as something in his way, regardless. And he went after them. He says he is the victim in his Trump University case that should have been thrown out and he's going to win easily. Yet he attacks the judge in the case almost every day.

It appears that perhaps Trump and his team didn't see David French as something they could just wave away. I suspect they knew how many conservatives were not going to vote for Trump and even if French pulled in numbers similar to that of Ralph Nader in 2000, it would be more than enough to lose the race to Hillary Clinton.

That could not happen...

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