06 June 2016

Now HERE's an Idea: GOP Convention Should Saddle Trump with an Anti-Trump VP... Like Ted Cruz

Donald Trump’s running mate shouldn’t try to make 
Trump’s agenda palatable for conservatives. 
Instead, he ought to spend his time undermining Trump...

For those who recognize that Trump is a danger to conservatism as we know it, most of the talk revolving around the effort to stop him has been about finding the right third-party candidate. While that is a good start,
more needs to be done. 

Trump has been feeding the process-story-beast about his choice for the vice presidential nomination. It is interesting to hear what he has to say about who his running mate ought to be, but there’s an important detail that keeps getting overlooked: he doesn’t get to choose his running mate.

While delegates may be required to vote for Trump on the first ballot, making him the nominee, that is the extent to which they are bound to him. They are under no obligation to vote for his chosen running mate. 

The months of work Ted Cruz (and to a lesser extent, John Kasich) put into the ground in securing people who have a fealty to the conservative movement for those slots, while not denying Trump the nomination,
could pay off, albeit not in the way they anticipated...

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