08 December 2019

Russia BANS this 'Reaganite Independent' Blog & THEN Bombards It with Traffic from Ukrainian Porn Site in Effort to Get My Adsense Account Cancelled for Traffic/Click Manipulation

The Russian Federation had evolved into the 2nd-largest traffic source of this blog over the last few months, which I found as a bit of a surprise. 

This recent growth in Russian hits seemed organic, scattered about the vast nation. In the past, the only Russian readers emanated from a 'mathematical institute' inside the Kremlin walls.... providing not much traffic, but popping-in for a friendly visit at 9-10 in the morning nearly every weekday

Seemed clear to me I was being monitored by somebody, 
this starting in 2010. 

Once Trump was elected, this fervent & unbending NeverTrumper also endured several (AdSense) complaints re 'nudity' or obscenities which didn't existAnd all of them from weird places like India, Pakistan, Montenegro, etc. 
What was clear is that I had earned a place on somebody's shit-list.

Now as the Trump impeachment nears, suddenly this week I am blocked from the Russian internet entirely, with zero hits from there... not a one. 

Not that I miss them, BUT intriguingly I am also now swarmed with substantial traffic from a 'SophyDiva' on a site called 'OnlineNow.com' and 'OnlineNow.top', a Ukranian porno-type that has been used to target other websites.

How did I deduce this? Seems I'm not the only one,
this on the Google Support forum:

No battle/target too petty for the Trump-Putin machine.

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