03 February 2011

Some Things Never Change!

Get a load of this, as published by the 
Chicago Tribune... way back in 1934

Be sure to note the 'plan of action' at the bottom-left... 

-click image to enlarge-

h/t Speedunque


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Great find RR! Just goes to show that socialists have been at it for a long time now.

Mark Adams said...

WOW! and it's like the cartoonist could predict the future.
The battle is never over and their ideology remains the same.

Reaganite Republican said...

Yeah, pretty harsh attack on FDR

But Obama's surely worse on most counts, eh- and at least Roosevelt won a war

Wilberforce said...

Love these older editorials, very illuminating! I've posted a few of these from time to time over on Moonbattery.com as well, especially those of Ding Darling.

Here's a look at what he had to say about planned economies :)


Lisa G in NZ said...

great find, RR... yep, the socialist-communist infiltrators are up to their SAME OLD TRICKS they've been doing for DECADES now...

luckily the Goracle invented the internet so we can see the oligarchy behind the curtain, eh?

Reaganite Republican said...

We must praise the Goracle- he knows all, and sees all

Thou shalt not mock the Goracle!


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