11 January 2011

If There's Still Any Hope of Salvaging the MSM's Credibility... They're Going to Have to STOP LYING First

"Jared Loughner is a product of Palinism ":
Interesting theory, particularly when you consider how this bloodthristy maniac was stalking Giffords since 2007... more at Gateway Pundit -here-

"Heated political rhetoric repsonsible for the AZ violence": sadly for Leftist hacks still attempting to prop-up the Obama agenda, only 32% of Americans are buying that hokum -here-

"Ann Coulter Implicated in Arizona Massacre": 
JammieWearingFool  asks (paraphrased) "say what?" -here-

"Black congressman spit-upon by TEA partiers":
Maggie's Notebook touches on how this bit doesn't even begin to resemble the truth -here-

Cutting right to the chase, Moonbattery brings us the 
MSNBC Hypocrisy Test -here-

Adrienne's Corner caught the usual Dinosaur-Media suspects asking House Speaker John Boehner all the questions they should have been laying on Pelosi a long time ago... -here-

"'TEA-baggers' responsible for the Tuscon shootings"
Left Coast Rebel has a thing or two to say about that jive -here-

America's Watchtower says reporting of the Arizona story has been -at best- irresponsible right from the start -here-

Radio 'hate speech' during ObamaCare debate responsible for the carnagestill more Alinskyite bunk, Weasel Zippers tells you why -here-

The Conservative Pup has disengenous Leftist propagandists seeping into every nook and cranny of America... even our own churches -here-

Sentry Journal aptly presents The Fall of Rome -here-

Government Mess then reminds us this is the same MSM that urged caution before rushing to judgement in the wake of the Ft. Hood Massacre- you know, the one where the guy ran around firing at soldiers while yelling "Alu Akhbar" -here-

Conservative Hideout 2.0: When the Lies Become the Narrative -here-

Last but not at-all least... Conservative Perspective asks the age-old question "What's wrong with this picture?" -here-

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Adrienne said...

Thanks for the love.

Great roundup. I'm heading out the door (making a lame attempt at having a life), but I will peruse all the links when I return.

Have I told you lately that you're the best? Well - you are!

Amusing Bunni said...

"They are going to have to stop lying"! RR, they sooner will stop BREATHING. All they know how to do is LIE, because they think if they repeat lies enough, ppl will believe it.

Reaganite Republican said...

Thank you kindly, Adrienne

And thank you too, Bunni- please start doing political posts so I can link you!!!

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Great roundup on Leftist lies. I love the roundups that focus on one subject. I know they take a lot of time. Thanks James.

Reaganite Republican said...

Thanks Maggie, you are welcome... and yes they do lol

Matt said...

Great collection RR, and thanks for the linkage!

Steve Dennis said...

Thanks for the link RR! What a great set of posts you have linked to today! The media isn't interested in getting its credibility back because they don't even understand how irrelevant they have become.

John Carey said...

Thank you for the link. You have some great links here.

Government Mess said...

Adrienne is dead on James, you are the best. If our media would just report the darned truth for a change we could all retire...lol! But every true conservative knows the battle has just begun. I will fight to the death with you my friend!

We Will Not Fail! Conservative Victory 2012!
And that's just the beginning!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Thanks for the link and really all the links RR!

As to the lame-stream media, well thery lost their credibility a lonnnngggg time ago.

Reaganite Republican said...

Thanks a lot you guys, knowing a circle of bloggers like this one is a tremendous resource- keep fighting the Good Fight~

Red said...

Linked ya.

Reaganite Republican said...

Thank you, Red- looks fabulous!

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