18 January 2011

Next Obama Disaster: Four-Dollar Gasoline

US gasoline prices have already almost doubled since  
Barack Obama took office. Now, more of that on the way...

Anybody harboring expectations for an Obama political comeback over the next 20 months hasn't a grasp on the numerous time bombs his radical agenda and gross managerial  incompetence have set ticking... nor for just how lucky Chairman Zero has actually been to this point, both at home and abroad. 

Perhaps our befuddled President and his refreshed economic team think retained Bush tax cuts and meagre job creation can pull us out the Great Recession... but the consumers we're all counting on to jump--start spending have quite a different take on soaring energy costs exasperated by WH attacks on supplies:

A year-end surge in gasoline prices ratcheted up consumer inflation expectations to their highest in more than two years, according to the latest data from Thomson Reuters and the University of Michigan. 

The surveys' preliminary January reading on the overall consumer sentiment slipped to 72.7, below 74.5 in December. It fell short of a 75.4 reading predicted by economists polled recently by Reuters. 

Consumers' current mood deteriorated with average gasoline prices stuck above $3 a gallon. The surveys' barometer of current economic conditions was 79.8 in early January, down from 85.3 in December and below a forecast of 84.6.

OPEC won't be bailing us out this time, either... not only do they feel such pricing to be "fair", but "the world can handle $100 oil".

Alas, the sad truth is that US gasoline prices have already almost doubled since the day Barack Obama was sworn-in, with oil now at $80... and an incremental $20/bbl surely won't help:

As noted by Monica Crowley on McLaughlin Report [26:30] the Saudis won't be increasing production anytime soon... meaning $4.00 gas, a politically-damaged Obama, and a feeble US economy plunging straight into cardiac arrest mode...

With the short-term negatives of the US Administration's misguided economic and energy policy coming-to-the-fore, it's time for Americans -and the new GOP majority in the House- to take a hard look at clueless Team Obama... and just what they're liable to do to this country's wealth, standard of living, industry, jobs market, and defense capabilities... before it's too late.

In the relentless promotion of George Soros far-Left schemes and sinister economic interests, Dear Leader has already banned offshore oil exploration in this country -costing 12,000 jobs, according to the White House itself- and put us into a supply-hole. While the ban has since been nominally lifted (imo political theatre), the drilling permits simply aren't coming... while supply has been reduced by 220K bbls/day.  

And it gets worse: Now, the Soros smear machine is out to discredit and destroy the US domestic shale gas industry... America's trump card. This gargantuan petroleum reserve could help to meet our needs for decades, but it obviously invalidates the misguided redistributionist/windmills/unicorns strategy touted as the only way to go by today's "progressives".

George Soros has even gone to the trouble of making a propagandist documentary film to attack this vast indigenous energy supply... as his evil flying monkeys go into high-gear:

Gasland came out of nowhere to slam the shale gas industry -- an industry that has already substantially brought down the price of natural gas throughout the nation, saving consumers and business untold billions of dollars in energy costs. 

The natural gas boom spawned by technologies such as horizontal drilling and fracking have also enriched citizens and states that have reaped part of the bounty brought to the surface by these technologies. Gasland casts aspersions regarding the safety of these technologies, especially to the water tables. 

The film's charges have been rebutted . State departments that regulate energy development have praised energy companies for their environmentally sensitive practices. Nevertheless, Gasland has provided fuel for critics of shale gas development. I have speculated, with good reason, that Democrats are trying to stop the tapping of this vast resource and that major Democratic donor George Soros would be a beneficiary if shale gas were stopped in its tracks. His bought and paid for group, MoveOn.Org, has diverted from its typical topics of interest and has thrown itself into the battle over shale gas.

This brings me back to Gasland, a documentary that was run on the HBO network and that also may have prompted a 60 Minutes report on shale gas. Did Gasland really come out of nowhere, or did it benefit from the helping hands of George Soros? 

Gasland was shown at the Sundance Film Festival -- that was the first step in its journey to make the bigtime (including the HBO screenings). Gasland got a major boost in prominence when it landed a coveted spot at Sundance. 

This was quite an accomplishment since most entries are rejected. Yet Gasland survived the winnowing process. Did it have friends in powerful places who helped? 

The Sundance Institute receives funding from George Soros; furthermore, the Sundance Documentary Film Fund was formerly known as the Soros Documentary Fund. Soros and his Open Society Institute have given many millions of dollars to the Sundance Institute. 

The officials who run Sundance know their donors and their special interests. According to the Capital Research Institute, Sundance founder Robert Redford "genuflected" before Soros when Open Society gave the Institute 5 million dollars in its latest "gift"...

Obama and his master appear not willing to rest until they've approximated every single Carter Administration failure... from Iran to energy to surrendering to the Russians... and now inflation: with the deep damage this arrogant fool continues to do our country, it's nothing short of sickening... and all in service to some Hungarian Commu-Nazi who'd like nothing more than to destroy us.

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