15 February 2011

WHO Lives in a House Like This?

Can you imagine the bloated ego and over-the-top taste to indulge in such exaggerated -even cartoonish- opulence?

A Saudi Prince, ya think? 

Russian oligarch? 

Chinese billionaire? 

Or was it Louis XIV of France...?

Any guesses yet?

Why, this bodacious crib belongs to none other than Soviet-trained economic incompetent, tin-pot dictator, and self-proclaimed "Hitler of all time"... Robert Mugabe

Just contrast that with most Zimbabweans living in grinding poverty while facing a 95% unemployment rate and hyperinflation that topped 6.5 quindecillion novemdecillion percent (6.5 x 10108%!) ... fact is, the poor wretches he's ruled over for thirty years have never had it so bad:

Zimbabwe was not so very long ago considered the "bread basket of Africa"- but Mugabe's ill-advised and brutal confiscation of white farms put an end to that, as most properties were handed to privileged ZANU-PF cronies who are not interested in working the land... basically shutting-down the most vital and successful sector of the economy. Thus, even with millions starving in the streets of Harrare, Zimbabwe is a already today a net food importer.

And what did ole Bolshevik Bob have to start with? The former Rhodesia they handed to this racially-obsessed tyrant was an absolutely gorgeous country... an African jewel. 

Outnumbered 22:1, those in Rhodesia's white minority government knew by the mid 1970s that majority rule was inevitable, but their desire for a go-slow transition was simply not acceptable to the international community after the black parties refused to budge and steadily ratcheted-up the military pressure...

In 1980 Moscow-trained Marxist educator Robert Mugabe was allowed to take a dubious election... since then, he's had the drill down-pat for years.  In retrospect, we should have sold the Rhodesian Army a few dozen tanks and a couple B-52s that would have allowed them to set the schedule- as what's ensued has been a shameful and unnecessary waste... comprehensive national failure at a ghastly human cost. 

Can you imagine the horror of living in a country where -in a headlong rush to correct long-standing injustices overnight- almost unchecked power is forked-over to an anti-democratic communist who admires the Soviet Union... a narcissist and vengeful racist control-freak who's economically clueless...dangerous... and unqualified for the job...? 

For any who haven't noticed,  
Dear Leader likes to live pretty well, too...
and on your tab, of course.

Nehanda Radio   Wikipedia   h/t Speedunque


Libertarian Advocate said...

Well, I was leaning toward Al Gore's new digs in Montecito, but Mugabe comes as no shocker.

Red said...

This does not surprise me. Name one country under the rule of black leadership that is thriving.

Barry O said...

My presidential portrait! Can I cross post that pic?

Reaganite Independent said...

LOL I thought of Gore too, ha

And sure, B.O... help yourself, pls link to RR

Anonymous said...

It is like this in many African nations. Being in the middle of it has given me a new respect for America.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

George Soros came to mind. Another example of a lost country from the get-go is Liberia.

Lydia said...

This is not Mugabe's house. It belongs to Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan. Mr. Reaganite was informed of this this morning and it is a shame he has left it posted to mislead people. Credibility, credibility, credibility.

Matt said...

Like Libertarian Advocate, this put me to mind of the Goracle. We have to lower our standards of living, and he gets private jets and mansions.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

I was leaning toward Tiger Woods until I saw the bed and the velvet bedspread. That's not his style.

God surely has a special plan for this evil. Good post RR. When we think about it, it happens in so many parts of the world. I think of the children and it seems so hopeless.

Reaganite Independent said...

Whatever- search "Mugabe's House" and the same pics come up! lol

And as you know, it's not the gist of the post, really- you strike me as someone engaged in specious diversionary tactics.

And why's your profile hidden, "Lydia"- standard procedure down there at MoveOn.org?

Lisa G in NZ said...

For a minute there I thought TheUrkel and Meechelle and done up the W.House

errr ...phew?

OK back to tracking missing Wisconsin Democrats

ta ta

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