21 July 2011

Congressional Physician Negates Dubious Bachmann Migraine Smears (Letter)

"You are in overall good general health"

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Meanwhile Bachmann now leads nationally, at least according to one pollster... what are your black ops crew going to come up with now now, Mitt? And she will surely release her medical records... will Obama at long-last? I doubt it greatly-

Donald Trump (remember him?) is weighing-in again. He said yesterday on CNN that the old-guard GOP is misplaying their hand terribly by providing demagoguery material to the Left, and have brought back Obama "like the Phoenix" by doing ill-advised deals with him. 

In sharp contrast to that, Trump sees Michele Bachmann as "highly underrated". Say what you want, but (famously) this is a guy who knows management talent when he sees it. And The Donald met recently with Rep Bachmann in Manhattan and walked away impressed: Trump in fact described both Palin and Bachmann as "smart people" who "know what they're doing". 

He went on to say that largely due to liberal MSM collusion /character assassination plots they don't get the credit they deserve--- but we already knew that, didn't we.