21 July 2011

Congressional Physician Negates Dubious Bachmann Migraine Smears (Letter)

"You are in overall good general health"

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Meanwhile Bachmann now leads nationally, at least according to one pollster... what are your black ops crew going to come up with now now, Mitt? And she will surely release her medical records... will Obama at long-last? I doubt it greatly-

Donald Trump (remember him?) is weighing-in again. He said yesterday on CNN that the old-guard GOP is misplaying their hand terribly by providing demagoguery material to the Left, and have brought back Obama "like the Phoenix" by doing ill-advised deals with him. 

In sharp contrast to that, Trump sees Michele Bachmann as "highly underrated". Say what you want, but (famously) this is a guy who knows management talent when he sees it. And The Donald met recently with Rep Bachmann in Manhattan and walked away impressed: Trump in fact described both Palin and Bachmann as "smart people" who "know what they're doing". 

He went on to say that largely due to liberal MSM collusion /character assassination plots they don't get the credit they deserve--- but we already knew that, didn't we.


Mark Adams said...

Sure enough. I knew this would not be an issue with her, but some in the media will just try and dig deeper to get any garbage they can find on Bachmann.
Too bad they didn't do this with Obama.

Reaganite Republican said...

Oh, there's a serious orchestrated media attack well under way... her husband counseling center, etc all part of the same offensive

IMO she learned from Palin's suffering over the last couple years... and it shows.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

She's not allowed to be healthier than Obama ... that would be racist.

Reaganite Republican said...

Nor smarter! Medically impossible lol

conservativesonfire said...

So what would be worse. A president that gets head splitting migraines now and then or a president, like Obama, whose mind gets stuck in stupid gear while he is negotiation missile defense with the Russians?

Reaganite Republican said...

Exactly, that one will be giving us ALL headaches for years to come!

Steve Dennis said...

It is interesting that you alluded to Mitt as being responsible for this attack, I naturally assumed that it was the Democrats/MSM who leaked this story because they were afraid of her, but who should be more afraid of her right now than Mitt?

Reaganite Republican said...

IMO Mitt is more likely, he reportedly has engaged in dirty tricks to smear Palin in the past- he and his RNC pals.

The Left and MSM surely joined in, but who put the rumor out there that Rep Bachmann could be "incapacitated" by the headaches in the first place...?

Bachmann is gaining in NH, which Mitt probably thought was in the bag while he sat out the Iowa straw poll- they might be scared they'll lose NH too and Mitt would be out of the race right then and there.

But they're wasting their time, you know- if they destroy Bachmann somehow Perry will come in for sure and crush Mitt like an insect

Always On Watch said...

This "issue" with Bachmann's health is going to cost her.

For one thing, the mainstream media have broadcast her "health problem" all over the place, but will not cover what the physician has said.

Winning in GOP primaries has zero to do with winning in November 2012.

I hate to be a wet blanket, but that's how I see the matter of Bachmann's health and chances to win in November 2012.

Anonymous said...

The Left have the audacity to vote in a man who admits in his biography of his cocaine and marijuana use with a desire to use heroin and then they have a fit when Michele Bachmann has a headache?
Have they NOTICED what Obama has done in his short term? It's time he resigned immediately before he does any more damage.

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