08 December 2011

I Hereby Endorse Newt Gingrich for President of the United States

In this most vital of US presidential elections, many conservative Republicans are quick to tell you that the two current GOP front-runners are less-than-ideal choices...

And I agree: it is indeed unfortunate that a more conservative candidate will not be the GOP's nominee in 2012... primary performances emanating from the party's TEA Party right have left much to be desired. But if Obama manages to get re-elected next year, it will most likely be because of people who refused to accept our party's nominee- and thus vote independent or simply stay home on election day

Yes, Liberty's (second greatest) enemy from January 2012-onward very well could prove to be lack of GOP party unity.
By not enthusiastically promoting (and turning-out for) the Republican nominee -even if it's Romney- we will surely help Obama win... and that can't happen.

Our near-mortally-wounded country cannot afford another four years of this vile and destructive regime. In Obama we found ourselves a radical, hyper-political monster -one stuck in permanent campaign mode- and nothing like a good-faith, capable leader who was willing to become engaged in the job, get his hands dirty, and work across party lines.

Since this narcissist nut-bag has such infinite faith in his own brilliance, he never learns a damn thing from anybody or anything... nor from his own numerous grave errors. Clearly not up to the job, Obama is in way, way over his head- but rather than being a resourceful manager and taking some advice, he lectures, mocks, belittles, blames, and slanders those he obviously ought to be collaborating and seeking constructive synergies with.

This president has been more than a disappointment.. he is a complete and utter disaster. America under Obama has become a diminished, dark, depressing, and divided place.
We surely must rid ourselves of this lunatic and his henchmen if we are to ever revive the American spirit and return this country to some semblance of normalcy.

Politics has always been about taking the good with the bad and choosing the lesser of the two evils. If I'm in a different place re. Newt than many of my fellow conservatives today, it's because I've come to accept that none of the residual second-tier candidates (pending surge or not) have skill-set required to decidedly defeat Barack Obama.

Truth be told, Michele Bachmann has long been my first choice... it's sad to see the dearth of momentum for this beloved
TEA Party hero- sure would make a dandy VP, tho.

The only other 'checklist conservative' remaining in in the race is Rick Santorum, who lacks the charisma necessary to inspire a following... as the poll numbers have long attested. Rick Perry has been a disappointment to say the least, while Ron Paul is a non-starter for me (and millions of others) due to a warped foreign policy perspective and odd, charmless demeanor.

That leaves
Mittens, but I reject those who's calculations tell them Romney's the most electable in the general. His record of wishy-washy statism and mediocre political achievement has got conservatives uninspired to the extreme, despite a respectable economic acumen and Ultra-Brite smile. His recent angle that Newt is too much a part of the Washington Beltway crowd rings hollow as well. Getting desperate in a hurry, Romney is now sending out surrogates to attack Gingrich, i.e. John Sununu yesterday.

On the debate battlefield of 2012, our candidate must possess the spirit of a crusader, with a glimmer in his eye like the beast of prey... and it's Newt Gingrich -not Mittens- who's got the fire, intellectual power, and resilience required to rip the Bolshevik Boy Wonder and his specious arguments to shreds. Gingrich -with his thorough grasp of the issues, intelligence, and Gipper-esque communication skills- is the one who will make clear the benefits of a new direction to a tired and confused electorate.

Newt is also a far more unpredictable opponent for Team Obama to have to try and deal with than would be a Romney. Surely they're unsettled by the power that seems to be driving the former House Speaker's amazing comeback and continued rise in the polls- something seems to have been unleashed, and nobody knows quite where it might take him.

But Newt Gingrich closed the deal for me yesterday by pledging to bring on -if elected- my hero John Bolton as Secretary of State. This immediately had this peace-through-strength Republican thinking I'm in now: time to relax and watch the Georgia doughboy kick Obama's bony rear end all over the CNN stage.

We need a true warrior for 2012, as the other side will be fighting dirtier than you can imagine.  If you want to label Gingrich a RINO for his past mistakes,  go ahead- that inch-thick skin would prove useful this rough-and-tumble election cycle, too. 

The narrative that Newt has matured well rings true to me, and imo Gingrich has accounted well for his sins -both political and personal. As a fellow Catholic, I am forgiving him, too... as long as he can bring this country back to a constitutional democracy and restore our might economically/militarily, he's aces with me.

Another thing you get with the Speaker is a genuine 'idea man': alas, like many creative and innovative people, not all of them have been good. Yet unlike the current occupant of the Oval Office, Gingrich possesses at least a modicum of self-awareness and tends to learn from his mistakes.

Some of this brilliant, accomplished -yet imperfect- candidate's most well-publicized missteps (Scozzafava, Pelosi climate ad, criticism of Paul Ryan's budget proposal) weren't all that terribly long ago, either. Although he's come right out and admitted them to conservatives, we will need to cast a watchful eye on a President Gingrich (that's what bloggers are for) to ensure product performs as advertised for the full 4-year warranty period.

As for his chances, Newt Gingrich holds double-digit leads over the rest of the Republican presidential field in Iowa, South Carolina and Florida – three of the first four states that will vote in primaries or caucuses next month. In Iowa, Gingrich leads Romney 33% to 20%... in S Carolina he outpaces Mittens 43 - 20%. Romney is watching Newt's taillights get smaller in Florida, too... he's trailing by a full 23 pts there as well (48 - 25%).

Theoretically facing-down Obama next fall, Rasmussen already has Newt Gingrich up 2 pts over Obama nationally... while reports filter out of a panicked White House that just wasted three years preparing for what they thought was going to be a battle with Romney.

Go get 'em, Newt... and bring it on home:

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