06 June 2010

Sheriff Joe Rocks 'Phoenix Rising' SB1070 Rally: First-Hand Report, Pics

New Media patriot Donald Douglas of American Power made the trip to Arizona to catch the Phoenix Rising rally in support of states' rights and more specifically Arizona SB1070- he's got some great coverage and pics from the event he just put up, catch it all at American Power -here- 

Donald also did some recon on the other side, radical socialists and illegals protesting SB1070 just last week... you can check out the pics and story from that -here-

If you haven't signed the petition in support of Arizona's states' rights and Governor Jan Brewer, I ask you kindly to do so -here-

You can also arm yourself for the open-borders crowd's propaganda assault by -unlike most who are screaming the loudest on the Left- reading the bill yourself... download the full text of SB1070 in Pdf form -here-