07 January 2012

Why is Newt SO ANGRY?

06 January 2012

Curves of Wonder- from Down Under!
Miss Australia 2011 is Scherri-Lee Biggs

No bad 'biggs' or 'down undah' jokes in a 
Crocodile Dundee accent, please...
respect the young (20) lady- she's a guest here!

05 January 2012

Two Photos that SAY IT ALL . . .

Get a load of what Dear Leader's roadies have to 
lug-into an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL to salve his 
incompetence and boundless paranoia:

Still needs to have the podium... the 'prompters... the lights, black boxes, and don't forget a Secret Service suit in back to be on the lookout for any terrorist-type Cub Scouts with TEA-partier parents who may have poisoned their minds with hate.

04 January 2012

Iowa Caucuses Only Relevant For
Their Near-Total Irrelevance

Keeping-in-mind the state's pitiful track record at picking eventual Republican presidential nominees, here's considering the Iowa Caucus results and what they mean
(if anything):

Kentucky Horse-Sense

03 January 2012

02 January 2012

HEY IOWA: There's Two Sides to Every Story- So Allow Newt to Defend Himself !!!

"I think the people of Iowa have 
a chance to send a message:

That negative ads written by dishonest consultants 
-and made possible by irresponsible candidates- 
don't deserve any votes." -Newt Gingrich on CNN

Gluttonous Hypocrite Michelle Obama Makes Mama Cass Look Like a Piker

Ham sandwich jokes aside... 
I can tolerate a slob that pays her own tab!

Elliot hits the trough hard 

01 January 2012

Ossified Republican Establishment KNOWS Gingrich Stands Ready to Cream Clark Kent

And they're pulling out all the stops to prevent it...

Hawaii Reporter

What Reaganite Wouldn't Listen to Economic Genius Art Laffer?

"-and what (Newt's) proposing is 
exactly a Reagan-Kemp agenda"

Reaganite's Sunday Funnies

Eric Allie @ TownHall